• Wheeling Jesuit University

    Program Information

    This page is intended for college transfer students and graduates ONLY. High school students MUST contact the institution directly for information about the guaranteed freshman-entry program. Do not apply using PTCAS.
    Contact Information
    Sunny Birkhimer
    Office Manager
    Department of Physical Therapy
    Wheeling Jesuit University
    316 Washington Avenue
    Wheeling, WV 26003
    (304) 243-7201 ext. 101
    Deposit Required Yes
    Deposit Amount Required for Accepted Applicants $500.00
    Additional Information about Deposit The $500.00 deposit will be posted toward the Term I tuition.
    Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process? Yes
    PT program start date for entering class 05/13/2019
    Institution's religious affiliation Catholic
    Size of most recent entering class 60
    Anticipated size of next entering class 60
    % of IN-STATE applicants accepted 15%
    % of OUT-OF-STATE (non-resident) applicants accepted 85%
    Social networking
    Facebook Page for Parent University/College/School https://www.facebook.com/wheeling.jesuit
    Twitter Page for Parent University/College/School http://www.twitter.com/@WheelingJesuit
    Program Description
    Wheeling Jesuit University (WJU) is the youngest of the 28 Jesuit Institutions in the United States and the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program embraces the Jesuit tradition of educational excellence. The Physical Therapy program emphasizes a whole person approach to the investigation of clinical issues using a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) format. The PBL format varies between a more instructor-center approach to a more student-centered approach based on the complexity of the material. The PBL format encourages teamwork, open discussion, and researching appropriate resources to acquire the essential didactic knowledge. Our program admits students from a number of different undergraduate fields of study, professional backgrounds, and levels of maturity. Diversity and variety of life experiences are most valuable in this program.

    Our program exposes students to a variety of opportunities through class, volunteer/service projects, service learning and clinical education experiences. With a diverse faculty, the students are able to learn about various practice settings, and integrated into our program, are different levels of service learning experiences. These experiences bring the students in contact with people from several cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, exposing them to the inconsistency of the availability, access, and utilization of basic health care and public services in a community.

    Participation in research is a key component of the program, and our students are required to contribute to the body of knowledge. Students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects. Opportunities to present their doctoral research projects at state, national and international levels and to publish the results in professional literature are possible.

    WJU physical therapy graduates are prepared to practice a holistic approach in delivering physical therapy services to diverse populations throughout the continuum of health, wellness, injury, and disease. WJU physical therapy graduates demonstrate exemplary professionalism, exceptional skills in manual therapy, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and the ability to access and utilize knowledge; reflective of a commitment to life-long learning.