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    Contact Information
    Mary Brigham, MA
    Assistant Director for Graduate Admission
    Physical Therapy Department
    Mount St. Joseph University
    5701 Delhi Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45233
    (513) 244-4890
    (513) 244-4233
    Deposit Required Yes
    Deposit Amount Required for Accepted Applicants $1000.00
    Additional Information about Deposit Non-refundable. Deposit is applied to first semester tuition.
    Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process? Yes
    PT program start date for entering class 05/30/2018
    Institution's religious affiliation Sisters of Charity - Catholic
    Size of most recent entering class 43
    Anticipated size of next entering class 44
    % of IN-STATE applicants accepted 52%
    % of OUT-OF-STATE (non-resident) applicants accepted 48%
    Additional information about the class profile As a benefit of choosing Mount St. Joseph University for their undergraduate education, graduates of the Mount may enjoy expedited interview round processing if they meet the October 1st deadline and: - Adherence to PTCAS application process - Must have completed 90 or more credit hours with degree awarded at the Mount - Mount course work completed within 2 years of application deadline - Conferment of a bachelor’s degree prior to program start - GRE scores (within 5 years of application deadline) - Overall and science GPAs greater than or equal to 3.0/ 4.0 - No prerequisite with a grade less than C (includes C-, C, C+) - At least 2/3rds of prerequisite science course work completed prior to application deadline - All prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to matriculation date - Participate in the Interview process MSJ undergraduate applicants who do not meet the October 1st deadline will be processed with the general admission applicants provided the November 1st deadline is met.
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    Program Description
    What makes our DPT Program unique?

    * New Health Sciences classrooms and laboratories are spacious and well equipped, including motion analysis using Dartfish and state of the art camera capture system.

    * Physical Therapy students receive training on high fidelity simulation with SimMan3G and have access to other simulation experiences.

    * 2016 - 100% overall first time pass rate, Mount graduates have 100% employment and 100% pass rate.

    * The Physical Therapy Program provides students with diverse clinical experiences across the US and various opportunities to interact with the community. In addition, students have several on-campus integrated clinical experiences.

    * Students enjoy a small student to faculty ratio.

    * The Physical Therapy Faculty are readily accessible to their students and are committed to their success.

    * Physical therapy students and faculty are active members of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Ohio Physical Therapy Association.

    * Employers and clinical instructors state the University’s physical therapy students and graduates demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and preparedness.

    * The Physical Therapy Program values its extensive ties with the regional healthcare community including Mother Margaret Hall, Bayley, and Children’s Hospital, among others.


    * "I attribute much of my success as a therapist to my education from The Mount. Without the personal guidance of every faculty member, the well-constructed curriculum, or the constantly challenging course load I would not have had a knowledge or confidence to dive into the world of pediatric physical therapy. I believe it was the DPT program at The Mount that showed me that hard work pays off, and that countless hours of study for 3 years meant a lifetime of joy.I feel confident that every DPT student at The Mount has an advantage when it comes to starting out as a new graduate and helping to make their patient’s lives better!"

    * "My experience at the Mount as a PT student was rewarding because of the dedicated talented faculty and the diverse clinical education opportunities I was afforded. I now manage a busy outpatient orthopedic practice and would not be able to do so if it was not for the strong foundation I received from the orthopedic experts on the Mount's faculty. The high expectations of professionalism and preparedness that were instilled in me by the Mount PT program are things I still carry with me today."

    * "The Physical Therapy Program at the Mount has provided me opportunities to learn not only through academics but also through leadership roles in SPTA and hands-on experience with "real" patients. With this dynamic education I have received, I feel prepared to accept any challenge I am presented with in the future."

    * "I like the small classes, the help offered by the registration staff and the professors who are passionate about their subject. I like the campus too—even strangers greet you as you pass them in the hall."

    * "We will be able to apply what we learn in a real-life patient setting, while gaining valuable hands-on experience treating patients. I believe the Mount makes it a priority to teach professionalism through experience."

    * "Upon graduation, I gained a greater appreciation for my education when I entered the workforce. As an entry level therapist my critical thinking and reasoning skills were beyond my experience level, and were grounded in a sound knowledge base."