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APTA APTA Hand APTA Hand and Upper Extremity

PT Members: 527
PTA Members: 20
Student Members: 69
Total Members: 616
(as of 06/30/2020)


Contact Details
Julie Newman, PTA
PO Box 113
McLouth, KS 66054
Email: hand@apta.org
No upcoming events.
Leadership and Groups


Jane Fedorczyk, PT, PhD


Mia Lane Erickson, PT, EdD


Scott K. Stevenson, PT, DPT


Leah Michelsen, PT, DPT

Board Liaison

Matthew R. Hyland, PT, PhD

Program Chair

Mia Lane Erickson, PT, EdD

  • COMMITTEE INVOLVEMENT: Opportunity to promote physical therapy within the the realm of hand therapy. Committees include: programming, nominating, professional relations, federal liaison, and bylaws.
  • Continuing education covering all topics in Upper Extremity Rehabilitation
  • LIST SERVE: Coordinate events or communicate messages to group memebers by using one email address.
  • MENTORSHIP: Develop liaisons with experienced Hand Therapists to further your knowledge and skills.
  • NETWORKING: Opportunities to meet and associate with colleagues who focus on hand rehabilitation.
  • NEWSLETTER: Four times per year
  • RESEARCH: Preference made for members applying for the Section’s clinical research grant that examines hand and upper extremity practice issues.

Accredited Schools

Directory of PT Accredited Schools

How Your Section Works

Each section is governed by an elected board of directors, all of whom are available to discuss issues affecting the association and the physical therapy profession. In addition to the Board of Directors, section members participate in committee and task force activities. The actions taken by the Board, committees and task forces are member-directed. The section president is responsible for governing and directing all section activities. The section delegate participates in the House of Delegates, which is the highest decision-making body of the association, and makes decisions on issues that frequently have far-reaching implications for the association and the profession. To reach the president, the section delegate, or other section officers, contact the section office listed above.