APTA Annual Conference Abstracts

How to Read and Access the Abstracts

Research Abstracts were screened by APTA's Committee for Screening Abstracts for inclusion of the following: purpose, background/significance, subjects, methods and materials, analyses, results, conclusions, and funding source. Special Interest abstracts were screened by APTA's Annual Conference Program Committee/NEXT Conference Work Group for inclusion of the following: uniqueness, purpose, foundation, description, observations, conclusions, and funding source. Multimedia Technology Programs were screened by APTA's Committee for Screening Abstracts for inclusion of the following: demonstrations of computer software for Web-based instruction; research data analysis; storage and retrieval of patient records; management; controlling therapeutic equipment; instructing patients, students or staff; and educational testing.

The schedule of abstract presentations is made available to attendees in the on-site program, which is indexed by presenting author only. The identification numbers that appear with the abstracts on this Web site are identical to those in the on-site program.

Readers should contact authors directly with requests for copies of papers or for details of their presentation.

Abstract Identification Codes

Where they are provided, the abstract identification codes may be composed of letters and/or numbers. A numeric value identifies where the poster is presented. Letter codes will indicate the type or day of the presentation.

Key to Codes

  • PL - Platform Presentation
  • PO - Poster
  • RR - Research Reports
  • SI  - Special Interest Reports
  • MT - Multimedia Technology Program

Presentation Days

  • SU - Sunday
  • M - Monday
  • TU - Tuesday
  • W - Wednesday
  • TH - Thrusday
  • F - Friday
  • SA - Saturday

Example: RR-100-W = Poster of a Research Report presented on the 100 board on Wednesday. These codes will appear following the abstract title.

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Abstracts are available online for the ten most-recent conferences.

xConference abstracts are often published in print in the May issues of PTJ. Please refer to the print editions of PTJ for conferences not available online, or contact Information Resources for assistance.